The Advance Weapons and Armoury Management System

Accountability and security for firearms and ammunition have always been a manual process, with some services still using chains and padlocks for security as well as a pen and logbook to track usage and quantity.

The AWAMS system provides a secure, accountable weapons and ammo management system. The armoury provides live up to date inventory status, monitors weapons maintenance and ammunition expiration dates. Most importantly, it tracks the identity of personnel when accessing the armoury for weapons and ammunition as well as prevents unauthorised access.

The AWAMS system is currently used in over 60,000 units across China. To see how this system has benefited the weapons and security management in that country click here.

How This Benefits You

Individual ID weapon shutter

The AWAMS is able to provide individual ID weapon shutters to secure weapons separately. Its digital nature allows for tamper-proof records which log every authorised access of the armoury as well as provide fully automated audit reports.

Maintain effective weapons

AWAMS has modern measures to maintain effective weapon and ammo functionality and accountability. Humidity control and temperature monitoring, physical armoury security, as well as fire resistance, increase the armoury's functionality. Accountability is also increased with schedule weapon collections system as well as intelligent ammunition control. The main purpose of AWAMS was the complete monitoring of weapon and armoury usage by officers on duty and maintenance routines.