Digital Franking Machine

Since the establishment of ANYTEKSYS in 1987, through the endorsement machine with its automated accounting solution and digital printing technology, together with continuous technology improvement and development, ANYTEKSYS has developed an automated endorsement system which was widely used and it proves to be the Leader in administration and profession of KOREA Government.

ONE STOP Digital Franking Machine

For Documents Endorsement Using

The First Invention (KOREA) of long lasting ink roller which to be used in automation endorsment machine.

Ink roller is no longer a consumable component.

The special made ink roller (KOREA First time used of high density of special compressed material) no longer need to change.

High elasticity, high density and high absorbability of roller enable ink to be refilled easily.

With convenient ink refill, users no need to worry to get dirty of the hands.(Easy and Clean)

Ink can be refilled easily without removing the ink roller from the machine.

One time refill can be used for long period of time.

Basic Function

Endorsement function(Franking)

All functions can be done simultaneously or separately

i.e: stamping, authentication, officer code stamping

(Stamping: Red/Black color)

Punching/Perforation function

The Punching/Perforation function is used to identify the truthfulness of the documents and to avoid the fraud or counterfeited documents for 2 or more pieces of document.

(Max 20 pcs; 6 digits [alphabets, numeric, symbols])

Revenue Stamping Function

Maximum amount for revenue stamp is RM 99,999.99 It is flexible to abjust the amount.

The revenue stamp is in green color.

Data of payment or date of issue will also be stamped automatically in the revenue stamp.

One touch function: enable users to set 19 fast key entries for different amount setting (can be set as Free)

Additional Functions

Receipt Printing

Ink roller auto-refill function

Used long lasting ink-roller which can automatically provide ink.

Auditing Management

Recorded the daily & accumulated stamping fees received and to be displayed in the LCD screen (Englisgh & Malay).

It is not only to print the daily transaction receipt/report, but it also can be sorted according to yearly, monthly or weekly reports as per requested.

Data can be stored permanently by transferring them to PC. It can be automatically reset in the new calendar year.

Simple manual function

Revenue stamping/Franking/Punching functions can be done separately through manual setting.

Double security function

Provide Master key and password for double security.

Loss distribution function.

Auto connected with daily balance program.

Wrong issued or left out documents can be manage under loss.