Directors Message

Anyteksys will grow into an enterprise, sprinting towards the global market, giving our best value.

With transparent, innovative management strategies, we will improve the brand and corporate values and emerge as the best, most competitive global enterprise.

Dear everyone,

Thank you and welcome to AnyTekSys.

Anyteksys, established in 1987, has grown into a global leader in e-government industry using its own office automation process technology and network technology to come up with various solutions suited for each and every government administrative duties.

With E-Government Services as the principal axis, we serve to provide more convenient and safe administrative services for citizens. We develop and produce hardware needed for automation of government departments and agencies, using automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Furthermore, as a part of our business diversification plan, we develop our own GIS, GPS solution, Green Energy, Software developments Not only that, we've successfully exported "Automatic Certificate issuing system" to Japan, allowing our company's automation technology, document issuing technology, document security system and communication system to be recognized the in both overseas and domestic market.

AnyTekSys is a global enterprise, exporting all over the world and concentrating on strengthening global marketing. We are more than willing to invest on researching and developing highest state-of-art technology. With commitments to establish the belief that "Anyteksys products' qualities are guaranteed", we will do our best to become a healthy and a competitive enterprise with boundless potential for growth, doing our best for customer satisfaction.

We believe that products resemble the producer. In order to produce and maintain the qualities that satisfy the customers worldwide, we will do our best.

Pleading for more support and love from all of you, Anyteksys promises to become a global enterprise, exporting all over the world and being loved from each and every country in this world.

Please stay tuned with warm support and attention. Thank you.